Concealment Telecom Tower Structures



The continuing demand to increase wireless coverage in urban or developed areas resulted a new challenge of unsightly antenna support structures.

GORD Telecom provides a variety of concealment solutions which include Monopoles and Towers. For shrouded structures we design our concealment utilizing RF transparent shrouding with strong UV stabilized paintable material. For Pine tree camouflages every job is a customized and engineered to the exact specifications.

Durable needles are made of UV stabilized material are used for camouflaged monopoles.

Concealment products cover the following categories:

  • Architectural Shrouded Tri-poles
  • Lattice Shrouded Tri-Poles
  • Shrouded Flag-Poles
  • Shrouded Monopoles
  • Partially Shrouded Slim Light Poles
  • Artificial Pine Trees